Happy Kids, Happy Teachers, Happy Parents!

“We are eternally grateful for the incredible experience our kids had at CCBC over the last 8 years. From day one, CCBC went above and beyond to ensure our kids had the best possible experience, and as a result, our kids’ confidence, ability to communicate, and social and educational skills grew by leaps and bounds. Every member of the CCBC staff treated us and our kids as if they were part of their family, and they customized their approach to each student’s unique needs and interests. Attending CCBC was truly a blessing – thank you again for everything that you did to make it such a fun and transformative experience for our family. “

– Jason & Michelle B.

“CCBC provided an incredibly warm, loving and inviting learning environment for not only all three of our girls, but for us as parents as well!  The entire staff at CCBC was an absolute pleasure and their commitment to our children only solidified our decision to send all three of our girls to school there.  We were sad to “graduate” CCBC, but remain forever grateful to the experience and learning foundation our children received at the school.”

David & Joni Y.

“My wife and I are extremely grateful for the way CCBC accommodated for our 2 yr old son, Daniel, who struggled with delayed speech. CCBC brought in outside professional help to assess Daniel’s development, and they offered practical ways for his teachers and us, the parents, to assist with his development. Moreover, the caring staff and teachers of CCBC provided a warm environment, constant encouragement and a level of professionalism that eased our fears. It gave us great comfort to know that we weren’t alone but that we had a willing community for a rough part of our parental journey. Since those early days, my son has developed exponentially, and at the risk of sounding cliché, now we can’t get our son to stop talking! Thank you, CCBC, for going above and beyond to come along side a pair of concerned parents.”

– Mike P.

“CCBC truly welcomes parent involvement. As parents, we found myriad ways to be involved in our son’s class as well as in the larger CCBC community.  For my children, one of my favorite parts of CCBC is hearing my sons sing and dance to the music they have learned both in their beloved preschool classrooms and through CCBC’s incredible music program.”

– Tanya C.